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Pakistan is surrounded by India in the East. Arabian Sea lies to its South with 800 km long coastline, China in the North, Afghanistan and Iran inthe West Pakistan is linked with China, India Afghanistan and Iran by road and by air.


Pakistan emerged on world map on 14th August 1947.

Nature has blessed Pakistan with unique Photography, the high mountains, plateau, plains, deserts and the luring sunny beaches are all found here. However, more than fifty percent of its area is mountainous, particularly its Northern and North Western regions which possess the most fascinating mountains on earth. The mighty ranges of the Karakoram, the Himalayas and the Hindukush make a rendezvous here. Magnificent wreckage of continents in collision fifty million years ago, an immense island collided with mainland Asia to create the Indo- Pak Subcontinent and push the Himalayas skyward

There are five peaks above 8000 meters out of total fourteen on earth including K-2 (8611 m), the second highest in the world. Here have conglomerated over 185 peak with summits above 7000 meters and 6000 peaks above 6000 meters. Found in these lofty ranges are the valleys of unsurpassable beauty through which flow murmuring streams, springs, and thundering rivers, above all lion river – The mighty Indus. The vales are dotted with serene lakes of crystal clear blue water where silence provides an opportunity to converse with nature. This wonderful natural phenomenon has unlimited opportunities for mountaineering, trekking, hiking, pony trekking, mountain biking, fishing, white water rafting and canoeing.

Through these mountains passes the legendary Silk Route of ancient times, which not only passed commodities of one country to the others but also means of exchange of ideas, customs and rites, religions, languages and the races. Traveling on the path, the relics and the life there unfolds this human drama. Visiting China is possible by road, if one desires via Karakoram Highway, which is open, all year around. These areas are inhabited by a hospitable, peaceful, friendly people for whom a guest, foreign or local is God’s blessing. Since time immemorial people have been passing through, meeting and mixing through these mountain passes. One finds unlimited vestiges of those people of the by gone days. The rock carvings, the castles, the shrines and places of worships all are witnesses to the builder’s genius. In a small area there are more than two dozen languages with their varying dialects, making it a haven for the philologists. Therefore, Tourism is not new to the people of these areas. Travelers as great as Marco Polo, Hun Tsang and Fa Heian have trekked through these great mountains. But in recent years tourism has picked up and trekking and mountaineering has become the most stable segment of the tourism trade. The number of mountaineering and trekkers is on the increase with the passing of each day.

Garnished with all the splendors of nature, Pakistan, offers a variety of opportunities for travelers. Mystical journeys through time for Archaeological enthusiasts, Panoramic valleys for nature lovers, Majestic peaks to quench a mountain lust, lusty grounds to fulfill your wilderness dreams, Vast Deserts and above all culturally rich rendezvous for everyone.

The climate of Pakistan is relatively dry. The temperature of Pakistan is varying from extremely low to extremely high.

Amazing facts about  Pakistan:

World's 1st Largest Salt Mine: Khewra salt mine has proven reserves of 300 million tons. This reserve could not be consumed in 600 years even at the rate of 5 lakh tons production every day.

World's 2nd Largest Coal Reserve: Thar Coal Reserve are around 850 trillion cubic feet which are equal 400 billion barrels of oil equal to the oil. coal reserves equal 618 billion barrels of oil.

World's 3rd Largest Gas Reserves: Pakistan with gas reserves of 28tcf (current reserves 32.8tcf) So far about 52.7 TCF of gas reserves have been discovered of which ... In view of large indigenous reserves.

World's 4th Largest Cotton Producer: Pakistan as the fourth largest cotton producer, third largest cotton consumer, second largest importer and with fourth largest cotton area. Real performance is counted in terms of yield per hectare and Pakistan has yield around Kgs 650 per hectare lagging behind dozens of countries.

World's 5th largest milk producer

World's 11th largest wheat producer

World's 12th largest rice producer

5 mountains over 8000 meters in the world out of 14

Population 180 millions

Area 796096 sq Km

Province 5

Currency Rupees

World 9th largest English speaking population. World largest deep sea port (Gawadar). World 2nd largest salt mines. World 5th largest coal Reserves. World higest Polo ground (Shandor).
Major Languages:
Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi, Balti, Shina, Brushaski
Major cities: Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad.
National Game: Hockey
National Flower: Jasmine

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